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How and Why It Is a Good Idea to Donate Old Cars to Charity?

Your old car may not be the thing you want in your garage anymore. If you ask me to give you an easy and instant solution to get rid of it, I’ll say donate it to the charity. Donate old cars to charity get you relaxed in every possible aspect. You can also get the tax deduction benefit by donating the old car. It became one of the most popular ways. You can make your decision effective for donating an old car with some caution. It’s a good way to settle unwanted vehicle issues.

Donate Old Cars to Charity
Donate Old Cars to Charity

If the donor proceeds with proper knowledge, then he or she might face lots of complications. So, it to ease it up a little bit, I’m mentioning a process below.

Process of Donating Old Cars to the Charity

To donate a car there is no alternative of reputable and high-performing charity to get the best result for a car donation. Take time to research to avoid quick and easy step, because too much ease might create more confusion. A proper charity can make your donation worth to other helpless people. A good charity can open the scope that maximizes the amount gets to the charity. It can also minimize your risk from many aspects. But following the process step by step c make the donation easy for everyone.

Donating Old Car
Donating Old Car

Find a Charity: Lots of advertisement for charities can fool anyone that announces that they can handle the donation in easy and effective ways. Try to avoid these types of for-profit intermediary organization. There are lots of charities available who deal with all the things by themselves related to car donation. So, the profit remains at the charity. It is very easy to find a high-performance charity that can do all the donation work for you.

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Qualified Charity: Finding a charity and qualified charity is not the same thing. But most of the people come with the wrong sense. Many organizations claim themselves as a non-profit organization. But all the non-profit organization can’t provide you a tax deduction facility. All the charities which are registered under section 501 © (3) will only be able to give the facility. On the IRS website, you can find the list of the names of the registered charities.

Transfer the car: Taking a wrong decision can make you suffer and the donation might not go to the helpless people. Some charities offer to leave the ownership by a signing blank paper and that’s surely a wrong choice. Try to find out another charity that worthy to handle the donation properly. But without any sign, you can be responsible for any kind of illegal occurrence or parking tickets. Even you can be a suspect for any kind of crime that will occur using the car you donated. Most of the charity shall sell the car as early as possible to raise a fund.

Fair market value: To know more about the fair market value the IRS defines it clearly. This is the price a buyer willing to pay and a seller would accept according to the trade for the vehicle. But there is some clause can make this thing complicated to determine the fair market value. As a taxpayer, you must know the IRS rules. So, let me give you a brief on that.

  • You can claim the fair market value of $500 when a charity auctions the vehicle for $500 or less.
  • In some cases, the charity can use the vehicle you donated. Its call significant intervening use of the vehicle.
  • Some material improvement which is not just routine maintenance, charity intends to do these types of repair.
  • Sometimes charities give or sell the vehicle to a needy person. In such cases, the price might not be equal as the fair market value.
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But you should keep it in mind the value mentioned in the written receipt the charity sends you. You can only deduct the amount equal to the value that the charity sells the car on.

Paperwork: To get the best effect for the tax non-cash donation are the best way. Keep all the records perfectly with proper documentation is important to claim a tax deduction. You will get an acknowledgment from the charity when the price of the donated car is over $250. Maybe your donated car is worth more than $500. In this situation, you have to fill up the IRS form 8283. This form must be attached to your yearly taxes. But there is another section called section B in the IRS form. If the value exceeds $5000 then you have to fill up this section.

Reasons for Donating Old Cars to Charity

A person donates his or her old and used cars to charity considering lots of situations. According to the situation, you can make a donation decision. But it’s not the last thing for the donor, as he or she will be benefited in many ways such as

Donating Old Cars to Charity
Donating Old Cars to Charity

Help to others: Your donated car may be is worthless to you. But the charity can make the car a tool to help others. Even the charity can use the car for deliveries, transportation, and other needs. The benefits from the sale of the donated car can help the charity raise fund that needs for helpless people. 

Save time and money:  Selling an old car or making a settlement with it is a time-killing process. Finding an appropriate party to make a trade is not so easy. But if you donate your car, then you won’t have to worry about that. It will take less time to handle that the charity needs. If your car condition is not good enough or not functional anymore, the donation is possible in this condition.   

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Tax write-offs: getting a tax deduction is the biggest benefit of car donation. This could happen when the charity sells your car. If the charity uses the donated car, then you can easily claim a fair market value.

Final Word:- Most of the Americans do not change their old car for at least five years before buying a new one. But after some years, their favorite car becomes old junk to them. So, they want a permanent settlement of their old car. It’s also true that they do not go for a hassle to make a trade with other people. So, they donate their old car to charity, which not only provides benefits to them but helps others in need as well. Donate a car to a worthy and qualified charity will give you some inner satisfaction as well.

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